Posted by: Moggle | November 8, 2008

Your mission, should you chose to accept it…

… Is to spin natural-coloured sock yarn.

Well it’s my mission any way.

I want to know why there aren’t any commercial sock yarns in natural colours. There is something about natural greys and browns that really excite me as a knitter and spinner. Surely someone could do a small run of commercially spun BFL/Nylon.

The reason I want natural brown sock yarn is because I intend to make Mr Moggle another pair of socks. He wears his Hedgerow socks loads. However I can’t face the idea of neverending man-socks in a yarn I don’t love.

So I decided to spin my own. I asked a few questions in the UK spinners forum on Ravelry and decided to try a blend of dark brown blue faced leicester and tencel. I’m a little concerned that the tencel will be to shiney to be manly, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I’ve had the batts blended for a couple of weeks now and I had a day off work yesterday and started spinning.


I made a sample card to check my spinning against – I want the yarn to be consistent and thin. The thinnest I’ve spun so far was a ‘sport’ weight, roughly the same thickness as Baby Cashmerino or Rowan’s Wool Cotton. Every so often lay my singles next to the sample on the right hand side of the card to check it. I also sometimes allow the singles just spun to ply back on themselves and check that thickness against the plied sample of yarn. I have a strand of pink commercial sock yarn to check against too.


So far I’ve spun about a quarter of the full amount of fiber. I made a big 130g batt to make sure I got enough meterage.


I also did a bit of dyeing yesterday afternoon, and was also able to take some photos in what seems like the first sun for weeks. The results look like this:


And I temporarily nicked the basket that Mr M made this morning to take this photo which I quite like:


And that’s not all I’ve done this week. More hopefully tomorrow including a picture of finished hedera socks.



  1. The sock yarn is looking gorgeous – it will definitely be lovely to knit, all the way to the end of those manly socks 🙂

    And I love the basket! (well, what I can see of it – is it big and shallow??) Does Mr Moggle do commissions?

  2. I want to spin some sock yarn…however, I have been spinning some of that pink fluff tonight, it is beautiful! Clever you!

  3. Your dyeing is fab! Such great colour blends.

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