Posted by: Moggle | December 8, 2008

Christmas comes early



This is 1/3 of my Christmas present from Mr M. It’s a Bosworth Mini spindle in Birds Eye maple. It’s a bit hard to see the wood properly, but that second shot shows a bit of it. The fibre it’s sitting on came as a bonus.

I’ve been busy doing lots of dyeing lately, but I’ve still managed to do a little more to my opulent raglan.



A power outage at work where the whole building was unable to use computers or phones helped me make quite a bit of progress.

I’m getting really twitchy about the arrival of the new Knitty – I have a pattern in it! I think I’m going to go and hide for a bit.



  1. I really can’t get on with spindle spinning, yours looks lovely! I love the colour of the yarn you are using for your jumper, it’s the colour I would like handpainted on some fibre with duck egg blue. I cannot find that yarn anywhere ;^)
    Looking forward to seeing your pattern too, how exciting!

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