Posted by: Moggle | December 13, 2008

First finished Fern Glades

The lovely knitters whose FOs I linked to yesterday gave me permission to show their photos on here:

Knittingpharm‘s Fern Glade in Felted Tweed



Knitsnthings‘ Fern Glade in two strands of Jaggerspun Highland Heather 

Thank you ladies for letting me share these photos!

Some Tasmanian knitters (I can’t quite say ‘fellow Tasmanian knitters’ can I? –  I’m not there at the moment) were quite excited to see their home state mentioned in Knitty, and are planning a Fern Glade KIP in Fern Glade – the place on the slopes of Mount Wellington the pattern was named after. If they manage to organise it for February, I might even be able to join them. 

Other patterns I liked from Knitty were Amelia, Amused, Maja and Poinsettia. (I’m still getting over the fact that my pattern was published alongside those of Norah Gaughan, Anne Hanson, and Laura Chau – some of my favourite designers!)


Aside from all the Knitty craziness, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with this cardigan from Fall Vogue Knitting:

It’s the Forestry/Old Penny cardigan. I have to admit I didn’t look much past the styling of the photo in the magazine – it doesn’t do much for me in this picture. Several lovely versions on Ravelry (with buttons) came to my attention this week and this cardi has become a bit of an obsession. I have to decide if I want to knit this in a regular DK, Cascade 220, or Kilcarra Tweed, which my LYS stocks. Sadly I don’t think there will be enough of the Cascade I ordered as part of my Christmas present.

I had a lovely day at the Christmas guild meeting today and got loads of spinning done. I have at least another skein’s worth of the grey yarn I’m spinning for my opulent raglan so I can get back to knitting that.

I’ll try to get some photos of my WIPs in the daylight tomorrow. I hate it getting dark at 3.30pm! I’m counting down the days till the shortest day of the year on the 21st December.


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