Posted by: Moggle | December 14, 2008

Going home to dye

Last week some of this arrived


It’s grey shetland and white Mulberry silk roving. I spent Friday afternoon dyeing up some of this, some regular white shetland and some oatmeal BFL. Here’s a small sample of the results. 


I was particularly pleased with the purple and the red/burgundy braids, and wasn’t surprised when they sold not long after listing.

I went to take a photo of my Opulent Raglan, but that really isn’t looking that much different to last weekend.  I soaked and whacked my skein of handspun from yesterday’s guild meeting and it’s all dry now and ready to be wound in to a centre pull ball so I can resume knitting. 

However, these are new:


They’re Express Lane by Diane from issue one of The Inside Loop. You can see on the left hand side I’ve made a bit of a mess of the short-row toes, but I’m pretty happy with them so far and they’re living up to their name. I did 3 or 4 pattern repeats last night while I was watching a bit of telly on iplayer. I’ve never done toe-up before and I think I like it.



  1. I’m disgustingly behind on my Bloglines. Congrats on the Knitty pattern! And I love the colour of your Express Lane sock. Not surprised the roving sold so quickly. I’d have snapped it up if it was “proper” yarn. 😛

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