Posted by: Moggle | December 17, 2008

A ‘whoopsie’ in my beret

Thank you very much to Alexandram on Ravelry who alerted me to a small error in the written instructions of the Fern Glade pattern. Row 14 had an extra k1 which has now been corrected. The chart was and still is correct. 

I got to see a finished fern glade in person tonight at my knitting group. Liz knitted one up in felted tweed over the weekend. It looked wonderful and I am now convinced I need to make some kind of felted tweed lace project. Oh and doesn’t Liz’s scarf from Rowan Tapestry look gorgeous!

I booked flights this week to see my family in Australia in February, and hopefully the trip will include another visit to the actual Fern Glade. Most importantly I have to decide what my travel knitting/crocheting is going to be. I’m considering living dangerously and trying to take some DPNs on the plane and knitting socks. 

Any project suggestions gratefully received. I will probably be taking hand-luggage only again so can probably only fit in 200g of yarn at most.



  1. I would definitely take DPNs on the flight. I bought a set of cheap bamboo ones (just incase I had to throw them when I got to security), put them together so they would look like a pencil on the xray machine, and knitted socks to and from Canada this summer. No one batted an eyelid! I also did the same thing on a European flight with no problems. It’s a good way to pass the time on a dull flight!

  2. When i travelled to HK, I couldn’t take any metal needles with me, but stashed them in my check in luggage, although i couldn’t knit on the plane, i still had something to work on to pass time. Im not sure but maybe Denise Interchange ones are ok? or some bamboo ones?

    Take a small project too, the seating area is never spacious! Happy holidays!

  3. I knitted socks on the way to Australia last year (on Britney Birch needles) and no one batted an eyelid until we got to Sydney when I had to declare them because they were wooden and might have been harbouring dangerous European critters. But they didn’t mind me having them.

  4. when i received jury summons, i put aluminum crochet hooks in my bag with the skein and then i put plastic hooks in the zipper section. i wanted to see what the xray chose to select and relieve me of for the long wait. well, i ended up in the wrong court, to begin with, and the wrong part of town (loss of parking $’s hurt!), but their xray picked out my aluminum hooks, which i had to fork over for safe keeping. but the plastic ones made it thru. the next court (the right court) allowed me to take my plastic hooks (i’d left the aluminum ones in the car) and then they could see my expensive embroidery sissors and i had to traispe back to the car to stow them (otherwise, they would have been confiscated and not returned). but, we were in court all morning and i spent it crocheting!! what a relief–made the time pass very quickly. we were there til noon and then released. i had half a child’s scarf completed by the time we left.

  5. Lucky you! Am very envious and happy for you, what a lovely time to be going home. Also, happy Christmas – hopefully I’ll see you in the new year before you head off.

  6. I just flew domestically in the US with a pair of 8 mm steel needles in my bag, and they scrutinized the bag a little more, but I was allowed to take them on both legs of the round trip with no argument once they’d verified that they were just knitting needles and nothing more sinster. I don’t know what the rules are on international flights, though.

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