Posted by: Moggle | December 20, 2008

Christmas part two

I have been impatient for a parcel from Wingham Woolworks to arrive before Christmas. I raced out the door when they delivered the little card through the door today (they tried to deliver yesterday when I was at work) and hurried to the local post office.

In the parcel was part two of my Christmas present – a sliding hook flyer for my Ashford spinning wheel (it’s a Traveller in case you wanted to know)


Please note that I have it set up wrong in this picture. The yarn should also go around the brass hook on the left hand side of the flyer. 

I put the bits of the flyer together quickly and started spinning the Natural Dye Studio roving I bought at Alexandra Palace earlier this year. Already it is better than the old flyer, I always found the first layer of a new bobbin a pain – the yarn wanted to smoosh everywhere. I’m going to try spinning some more after posting this and I’ll try to tell you more in my next post.

I also remembered to take a photo of my opulent raglan. This weekend it looks a lot different to the last photo. 



I tried it on a couple of days ago and it fits perfectly. I don’t think it will grow too much when it’s blocked. 

Some dyes also came with my Winghams parcel – some new colours and some colours I was almost out of. So I am planning a big session of dyeing in the next couple of days.

Thank you to those who commented on my last post about my potential in-flight knitting/crocheting. It looks like I might be able to get away with wooden dpns. I might take some sock yarn and have a backup crochet project for the same yarn, just to be on the safe side. 

Thanks also to Yarndancer who sent me a message to say she’d heard Fern Glade discussed on the Manic Purl podcast. Woo!



  1. I think alot of people are getting the sliding hook flyer for xmas – my BF has bought me one but won’t let me use it until xmas day. It is wrapped up and under the tree.

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