Posted by: Moggle | December 27, 2008

Spontaneous knitting

I finished spinning and plying two skeins of yarn between Christmas day and Boxing day. The first is the finished Natural Dye Studio BFL roving which I bought at Alexandra Palace.


It’s superwash BFL dyed with Indigo and Logwood. I split the roving down the length and spun it up without any pre-drafting on the new sliding hook flyer. It’s come out at around 184m of ‘sport’ weight. I am thinking of making this in to a cowl, I might even try to create a pattern for this. I’ve been flicking through a couple of borrowed Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries for inspiration.

I also finished a 5th skein of zwarbles blend for my opulent raglan. I’m at the sleeve flare of the first sleeve and making quick progress. I’m waiting for the skein to dry so I can wind it in to a ball and continue knitting.

I’ve made some progress on my express lane socks. I made it through the short row heel very easily – it looks a lot tidier than the toe.


This picture was from Christmas day and I’m actually a good few inches in to the leg now. I need to weigh my yarn so I can use exactly half per sock.

I also decided to peruse my stash for some substitutes for the Origami Shrug which I mentioned in my last post. I put together some likely candidates and started swatching. Unfortunately my main colour, a beige shade of Cashmerino Aran, didn’t work with the other colours I’d chosen – particularly a dark purple tweed. I’ve overdyed it with some grey which I think will work better. Have to wait for that to dry too, and I’ll try to take some photos tomorrow in the light.

I was really excited to start the project – it’s the first time ever I’ve seen a pattern and felt like I wanted to cast on immediately and had the yarn(s) in my stash to do it. I usually either buy yarn after wanting to make a particular pattern for ages, or I spend ages wondering what project I should make from a particular special yarn. It was nice to knit spontaneously for once. I hope I can keep the enthusiasm up, and that my overdye works!



  1. Phew – just catching up on my very neglected blog reading. Can’t believe I missed your first pattern in Knitty!! Congratulations!!!!!! It’s a lovely hat.

    And I’m obsessed with the shrug/cardigan Jo Sharpe pattern in your earlier post. I think I need to find a copy of the pattern.

    All the best for 2009!

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