Posted by: Moggle | January 3, 2009

Best of 2008


Centre: Tangled Yoke. Clockwise from top left: Verona Green singles, Acacia Scarf, Liquorice Shrug, Meadowbank fibre (for my etsy shop), Hedera socks, cable from Opulent raglan, Shedir hat, Needlebook from woven handspun, handspun shetland triangle, Berrie smoothie batt, Fern Glade beret, Louet Junior drumcarder.

I liked the ‘best of 2007’ list I did last year so much I’ve decided to do it again for 2008.

1. Your best FO of the year

Tangled Yoke. I love wearing this cardigan! I mostly loved knitting it. I didn’t love the second sleeve so much, but I carried on regardless and I’m really happy with the result.

2. Best FO of the year made by a blog you link to (or through Ravelry).

I couldn’t decide between two so I’m going to say both

a. Kai’s handspun Swallowtail shawl

b. Space invaders sweater I discovered through Ravelry

3. Best yarn you tried

Blue Sky alpacas suri merino. Yum Yum! Wearing the hat I made from this yarn is like wearing a fluffy warm cloud on my head.

4. Best new book/mag/pattern of 2008

For me this is a toss-up between Kim Hargreaves Amber, and Vogue Knitting Fall 2008. I’d always liked Hargreaves’ patterns but most of her previous designs didn’t suit my body shape. Amber has lots of patterns I like and could imagine wearing. Vogue Fall 08 has the gorgeous ‘Green Gable’ hoodie in it and Jared Flood’s mittens and a load of lovely tweedy, cabley things. I’ve seen lots of lovely FOs from this magazine.

An honorable mention to Twist Collective for turning the idea of a both a normal magazine and an online magazine on it’s head a bit. So many gorgeous patterns!

5. Best new knitting fibrecraft technique or gadget you tried in 2008

Spinning, spinning, spinning.

6. Top 5 inspirations–what five things inspired you the most over the past year?

UK spinners board on ravelry – those guys rock!

Members of Oxford Bluestockings. They welcomed me with open arms and I love pulling out my knitting at a pub (and recently drinking mulled wine at the same time) and not feeling like a complete weirdo.

Indie fibre and yarn dyers. I was so inspired by the hand dyed fibre and yarn I saw this year, I felt called to join their ranks.

Ravelry. I listed this last year but Ravelry is still inspiring me. Mostly through the ‘friend activity’ where I keep an eye on what my friends have knitted, crocheted, queued and favourited. I’ve given several patterns a second look because of a beautiful FO found through Ravelry.

Colour. Part of what got me in to and keeps me excited about dyeing is colour. I love blending colours on the fibre, and I love making batts with blends of different colours. I love trying to come up with combinations of colour.

7. Designer who most amazed & inspired you throughout the year

Anne Hanson – I love her ability to take a fairly simple lace pattern, pair it with a gorgeous yarn, and make a beautiful pattern out of it.

8. Knitting & Spinning resolutions for 2009–what’s next for you and your blog?

a. Make lots of sweaters for myself – I only have two really wearable ones I’ve knitted at the moment.

b. Learn other spinning techniques – particularly longdraw and from the fold.

c. Make my mother-in-law a lap blanket.

d. Knit Ivy League – I’ve had the yarn since the beginning of last year but not cast on yet. One of the few things in knitting that I’m still intimidated by is steeking and I want to conquer my fear.

e. Expand Warratah Fibrecrafts. I want to have an integrated shop, blog, and pattern site, and also dye yarn. I also want to get to the point sales-wise where I could consider giving up a day of work per fortnight or week.

f. Knit something from Victorian Lace Today. I’ve had the book for a year now and looked at it lots but not actually got around to knitting anything from it.



  1. You made some really beautiful stuff. I especially love the Tangled Yoke. Happy 2009!

  2. I love this list! It’s a great idea for reviewing the year.

    I loved the fall 2008 Vogue Knitting too, it was my favourite mag of the year by far. I must have driven my LYS owner daft asking if they had it in yet!

  3. I love your goals – really inspiring and definitely achieveable. I particularly wish you luck with (e) – it’s so incredibly fulfilling to work for yourself and achieve success.

    I’ve also not knitted anything from VLT yet 🙂 and I got it for Christmas last year!

  4. Oh wow! Someone has the same name as me on the top 😛 I don’t see the same spelling as mine too often! Well I LOVE some other the things that you created! Especially the sweater and scarf…and hat…wait- I love them all 😛 I hope one day to make a sweater…or complete anything that is. Hehe

  5. […] – resolutions reviewed Early in 2009 I reviewed previous the year and set myself some goals for the coming year. I’m going to post a review of the past year […]

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