Posted by: Moggle | January 6, 2009

Satisfying spinning

The picture I posted a few days ago of yarn for my orgami bolero was missing a colour. I decided to spin the 6th yarn I needed. I dyed some shetland and yesterday I blended a couple of batts. These are similar to one I sold in my etsy shop a while ago as a colourway called ‘dirty jeans’ – denim blue, white and grey.


I started spinning them up last night and I’m really pleased with how it’s coming out so far – just what I want in a heathery yarn. I’m going to leave it as a single and try to full the yarn to set the twist.


It’s got me going making batts again. I love making heathery batts, but they do take a certain amount of planning and time to card. It’s worth it though so I’ve dyed up a few small batches today ready to card. I just have to wait for them to dry.

Another thing I did last night was discuss with Mr M the plans for my craft room at the new house. We are moving to an actual house out in the country (The Cotswolds) in March/April. Instead of a pokey 1 bedroom shoebox flat we will have a whole 3 bedroom house. The smallest room has been designated as my craft/work room and I’ve asked for lots of storage and a big flat bench area to dye on. It’s going to be a busy first few months of the year – we leave for Australia in a little over 4 weeks.



  1. Ooh, congratulations. I was going to comment that I didn’t think that a craft room was what Virginia Woolf intended when she wrote about a Room of one’s Own, but as you’ll be running a small business out of it I think she’d thoroughly approve!

  2. Oh, fabulous. A proper house, no neighbours on the other side of the walls, and a craft room. Congrats.

    Also, those batts look so lovely and fluffy I could eat them.

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