Posted by: Moggle | January 18, 2009

Been busy

Between day job, driving lessons, birthday dinners, guild meetings and fibre dyeing there hasn’t been much news for the blog this week.

There are a couple of photos though – second skein of finished shetland heather singles.


The results of my fibre dyeing:


I finished the first express lane sock. I (provisionally) cast on for the second at work on Friday, then messed up the second part of the short row toe during the guild AGM yesterday, so had to re-cast on. I got it right the second time.

I’ve made progress on the origami bolero and I’m nearly finished the third section.

I dyed up some more shetland in olive and lime and blended it with oatmeal BFL to attempt a finer single.

Fern glade is still in the top 10 (just – at number 10) of the ‘most active recently published designs’ on the patterns page of Ravelry.



  1. That fiber is gorgeous! Such lovely colors.

  2. Gah, gorgeous fiber! *rolls in it*

  3. Those are fantastic colours on the fibre! Very vibrant and pretty!

  4. Those are some lovely colours! Ah, sigh, my spinning attention has really dwindled lately. I have to make that a goal for this year.

  5. […] Prettiest braids of roving […]

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