Posted by: Moggle | January 23, 2009


Tuesday night I had a go at my first proper hand painted yarn dyeing.

This is 70% Superwash BFL/30% Nylon in one of my favourite of my fibre colourways – winter sky


The colours aren’t quite right in that photo because I took it at 4.45pm in the fading daylight – but they’re close. It’s ultramarine, denim blue and grey.

I’m now going to wind in to a couple of centre pull balls, ready to test knit (or crochet). My cunning plan for this yarn is that I’ll take it on the plane to Australia (just over two weeks now!) and if I’m allowed DPNs on the plane it will be socks. If that fails and I have to bin my DPNs it will be a crochet shawl.

I have a couple of ideas for a pattern for socks and I will just have to swatch. I have no idea how the yarn will come out when knitted up and I’m really keen to find out.

I received the last of my Christmas presents this afternoon after a patient wait. My cascade 220 heathers in Colonial Blue was on my doormat when I arrived home this afternoon. By ordering from first4yarns while they had no stock I managed to beat their £1 price rise (grumble grumble, falling pound, grumble). I’d started stalking their site recently because I knew the order was due in january some time! I’m still not quite sure if this will be a Puff Sleeve cardi or an Embellished v-neck or something else entirely.


I’m up to the heel on my second express lane sock!



  1. I love the colours. The socks (or shawl!) will be beautiful. Look forward to seeing them in due course.

  2. Those colors are lovely!

  3. I love the colours of the yarn. That’s exactly the level of colour variation that I like, and with rich but muted colours. Gorgeous.

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