Posted by: Moggle | February 1, 2009

Combined talents

I had several posts I intended to make this week but it just didn’t happen. I did make it to a new knitting group that meets near to my work though. I’ve got a post about my sweater planning that I’ll hopefully get around to but today I wanted to share this:


This is the combined talents of my Dad and my husband. My dad did the etching/print as part of a two-year art course he recently finished studying. He sent me this print for Christmas. It’s based on a photo of him at the Famous Grouse distillery up in Scotland, where Dad, Mum, Mr M and I went on holiday summer 2007.

The frame is gorgeous black walnut wood custom-made by Mr M. Please excuse the slightly wonky angle, I was trying not to get too much reflection on the glass (especially of me taking the photo in my pyjamas!).

I have a pretty talented family. Mr M is fast becoming a woodworking genius (well perhaps I’m a bit biassed!), he’s also pretty handy at fixing cars, and is learning welding and basket making. His dad was was a great mechanic before his back went, and could do just about anything you wanted/needed to do with house building and improvements.

My Dad does or has done calligraphy, all sorts of printing, life drawing, cross stitch, pastel and oil painting. Mum quilts, sews, cross stitches, knits and crochets. My sister quilts, makes gorgeous cards and cross stitches. My paternal grandfather and my maternal grandmother oil paint. My paternal grandmother does bobbin lace and used to crochet. My aunts are all ‘crafty’ too.

I’m so proud of them all!



  1. Lucky you to have so many inspirational and talented people in your family. The etching and frame are beautiful, and will be heirlooms of the future!

  2. Wow – what a talented family you are. That is beautiful.

    Miralda’s Triangle is a great size for wearing as a scarf – that’s how I’ll be wearing it!

  3. Wow, your family are very creative and talented! I love the etching and frame, they’re wonderful!

  4. Woah Nelly! How talented your men are! It’s so nice to see that your Dad and your husband have collabed on something – I love it when mine do that, though with mine it’s not something crafty.

  5. Thats really beautiful, how cool to have such talent in the family!

  6. I love the etching. It is a great memory piece.

  7. the “bird” is sitting on what?
    i adore this etching, refined in the work and the lines are fabulous.
    leave me an answer on my blog, if you wish.

    i have acquired a painting in the past with fantasy, just like i see this one.

    i like it how the frame doesn’t have bias angles but straight ones. and that warm wood with that grey…

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