Posted by: Moggle | February 24, 2009

Bush socks

I finished my first pair of holiday socks. Here they are in a lovely bush setting – it’s the deck of a ‘hut’ where we had a barbie to celebrate my grandad’s 89th birthday.


Here they are a bit closer. I must have had an extra stitch or two on the second sock (on the left) or knitted them a bit tighter because one has pooled a bit and the other hasn’t really. I gave these to my grandmother yesterday, luckily she has the same size feet as me.


I was getting on OK with the home made drop spindle, but I found out my aunt’s old spinning wheel was under my grandmother’s house. Mr M offered to haul it out and he helped me get it working again.


It’s in surprisingly good nick considering it’s been in storage for around 10 years. We bought a spring for the scotch tension and now it’s running quite well. There is only one bobbin, so I plied my spindle spun and some wheel spun from balls in ziploc bags. The red-brown merino is gorgeous!


On friday we’re going to the Bothwell Spin In. I didn’t realise till we got here that my visit was going to co-incide with the spin in, and I’ve managed to talk my mum and dad in to coming along to have a look as well.



  1. How lucky is that, finding a wheel when you’re away! πŸ˜€ Looks like you’re having lots of fibery fun there!

  2. The pooling is so unpredictable – I’ve knit socks from the same skein, same tension, same number of stitches — totally different pooling! I tell myself it’s quirky.

  3. Ooh you’re going to Bothwell! I’m so jealous! I’m really hoping to get there in 2011 – should be moved home by then I think πŸ™‚

  4. Lucky grandma to get such a nice gift. Enjoy your spinning day.

  5. Is that the Waterworks? Great place for a sock photo-shoot. Enjoy Bothwell πŸ™‚

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