Posted by: Moggle | March 9, 2009

Holiday goodies

By saturday the jet lag had begun to improve and I felt up to taking these photos.

Hand Dyed Polwarth/Silk blend fibre. The Polwarth breed was developed in Australia. I have an idea for a shawl pattern forming in my mind for this. Going to try to spin it 4-ply ish.


This the yarn I spun while on holiday from Tasmanian merino-cross fibre. The skein on the left is one ply cd spindle spun, and one ply on the wheel – which wasn’t quite working right at that stage and is underspun. The skein on the right is more consistent and nice and sproingy.


Jo Sharp alpaca kid lustre. Purchased at half price.


Second pair of socks knit on the trip. These will be for Mr M when I get off my butt and do the sewn bind off (I cast off normally so I could have my dpns to cast on a third pair)


The aforementioned third pair. I cast these on towards the end of the flight from Singapore to Heathrow. These are for me.


I’ve re-opened my etsy shop and I’m planning a dyeing session later this week. I also put in an order for some yarn and I’m looking forward to that arriving.



  1. Ooh, lots of fibery goodness 🙂 I love the colour of the Jo Sharp alpaca!

  2. I’ll just be over here, sitting and waiting until I get paid on Thursday so I can pounce on your shop. I had a good look/drool earlier today. =D

    The colours in that Polwarth/Silk are amazing. Love the orange socks, too.

  3. Sounds like a lovely trip! We are hanging on going back home after nearly two years in the USA. I know the lady whose family bred polwarths in the 1860s.
    I made a fern glade, btw. It is in my ravelry projects under yarnivorous.

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