Posted by: Moggle | March 13, 2009

My sock mojo has returned!

I’m sure it’s something to do with DPNs being airplane friendly – in my recent experience at least. Socks were the perfect travel project, and pretty easy to buy more yarn for once I’d finished the first pair.

Then yesterday I saw Glenna C’s gorgeous Viper Pilot socks in Dream in Colour Smooshy. I decided I needed some smooshy in my life and along the way decided that I needed to shop local (it’s only a couple of counties away) and decided to get some Artists Palette yarn too. I got an email today to say the smooshy has been shipped and if I’m lucky it might even arrive tomorrow!

I’m also waiting on a shipment of undyed sock yarn and going to get busy dyeing that when it arrives.

I’m making good progress on the pink/red/orange socks and have turned the heel and am now on the cuff.

I’ve also been searching for the ‘perfect’ yarn for a sub-tropical baby. I found out while I was away that I’m going to be an aunt in September. This sent me in to a frenzy of ravelry pattern searching. My sister lives on the Sunshine coast of Queensland (Australia), where summer temps average between 20-28C and it often gets much hotter. My plan is to make a blanket 4-ply to DK using a lace shawl/stole pattern. I don’t really want to knit with acrylic or cotton so I’m looking in to other options. Bamboo is looking like a good choice, but any suggestions gratefully received.

And because this post looks a bit empty without a photo, here’s one of a patchwork quilt made by the same sister. She gave it to me on the previous visit home (in 2008), and for various reasons it’s taken me this long to get it to the UK.




  1. Gorgeous quilt – you were so right about having a talented family! I think bamboo/bamboo mix would make a lovely baby blanket – really silky. It will be well loved and end up being a favourite ‘blankie’ that has to go everywhere with the little’un!

  2. I haven’t knitted a sock in ages. Your idea for a sub-tropical baby blanket sounds lovely and I second the idea of bamboo.

    And wow: that quilt is gorgeous. I’ve always seen quilts as a bit twee – don’t get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for the skill and time that go into them, but they’re just not my cup of tea (mostly – I do own one that was gifted to my family many years ago and it comes out in the winter as an extra layer for the bed). But that one is just beautiful.

  3. How nice you are to me! I hope you enjoy the Smooshy no matter what you knit iwth it, but I hope you have fun with the Vipers, too 😉 I’m going to wear mine today.

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