Posted by: Moggle | March 14, 2009

A different kind of WIP

I may have already mentioned it but about 6 months ago I took on an allotment. I’ve really missed gardening since we’ve been in this flat and Mr M and I just decided to go for it. We did quite a bit in the first month including putting up a shed. Then winter arrived and at the same time we discovered what a horrible job putting rabbit-proof-fencing up is – we didn’t get much done for a while.


Last weekend we had a blitz. We finished the fencing, and planted loads of stuff!

Here I am gleefully stomping the last bit of chicken wire in to the ground.


View of the plot from the gate.


Newly planted fruit trees – 2 apples, a cherry and an apricot


Raspberry canes. Hopefully these sprout soon.


We also planted 3 rows of broad beans (I like broadies but if they all come up I’m going to be sick of them!), garlic, red onions, shallots and first early potates (variety Maris Bard).

It’s just the start really – I had a seed buying spree when we bought the fruit trees so there’s plenty more to go in.

We need to dig over 4 more beds to have enough space for everything we want to grow.



  1. wow, it’s a big plot and looks like a lot of hard work to me. I take my hat off to you. Are you growing any plants for dyeing with?

  2. It looks so much more civilised than our plot! Hope you have fun with it – nothing like reaping what you sow.

  3. I have to admit that I leave the veggie plot to Mr Josiekitten, while I get on with the knitting! But there is nothing better than eating potatoes that were growing in the garden 30 minutes earlier! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  4. That’s very impressive fencing, and it’s a good-sized plot. Keep us posted and best of luck! We’re off to dig ours this afternoon.

  5. Ooh, fruit trees. And raspberries! Mmm. I hope it all sprouts and grows well–home-grown fruit & veggies are the best of all.

  6. Wow, what a great allotment! I thought about going on the waiting list here but it will take a while for us to get to the top of the queue and also we only get about 2m X 4m – may as well stick with our patio garden!

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