Posted by: Moggle | March 16, 2009


Yesterday I went to a Wingham Woolwork sampling day in East Hendred Oxfordshire. It was like a wooly wonderland, with loads of their fibres loaded up on to tables and in bags along with some bits of equipment as well. The idea being that most of the fibres you can take a piece to spin and sample.


Samples pictured:

Camel/silk (50/50) – I expected this to be difficult to spin like the cashmere/silk, but it was lovely. I didn’t buy any of this but I might get some at a later date and try dyeing it.

Coloured merino and silk blend (70/30) – I’ve spun something like this before, but it was nice to try a different colour. Also I was pretty much a beginner last time I spun merino/silk.

Yak down and silk (50/50) This was also gorgeous to spin and made quite a nice yarn. Although I was worried about the fluffiness of the fibre being hard to dye I bought some of this as well to try.

Camel/merino (50/50) – This was utterly delicious and my star fibre for the day. I bought a few hundred grams of this to try to dye.

Cashmere and silk (50/50) – This felt lovely but was a bit tempremental to spin because of the combination of short cashmere fibres and flyaway silk fibres. I was extremely glad at this point I was wearing an apron.

16.5 micron merino – I felt I owed it to myself to try this after ignoring some 15 micron merino at the Bothwell Spin in a few weeks ago (and then regretting it the next day). It was really gorgeous to spin, but I was afraid if I tried to dye it I’d felt it. I could always try oven dyeing I suppose.

I also bought 3 dyes which I’m running low on and 6 new colours.

I also came away with a gift from gershamabob. I’d lent her my wheel while I was away – she is currently wheel-less and looking to buy one. She gave me this gorgeous orifice hook (made by crochata) as a thank you. I was so pleased, I’d already been admiring these on Ravelry and had been planning to buy one. Thanks Ellen!


And last night at the in-laws I came close to finishing another sock.


I’d better figure out if I need to do anything different for a sewn bind off in 2×2 rib.


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