Posted by: Moggle | April 10, 2009

Surrounded by fibre

I had all this past week as annual leave and I don’t go back to work until after Easter. As well as organising the house (nothing has happened yet!) I planned to spend a couple of days full-time yarn and fibre dyeing. I wanted to see how much I can do in a full day’s session, and also see if I can keep it up for a few days. I’m trying to test if I could do it full or part time, and if it would be feasable to cut down a day or two of my regular job.

I spent half of monday and most of tuesday dyeing up a storm. I dyed a whole load of yarn and fibre. I also experimented with ‘kettle’ dyeing some roving in semi-solid colours in a pot on the stove.

There’s a real mix of fibres and yarns in here – cheviot (lovely and bouncy), merino/camel, Yak/silk, bfl/nylon yarn and merino/bamboo yarn (beautifully glossy)


I also dyed up about 10 oatmeal braids.


And this is the kettle-dyed blue.


Listing on etsy seems to take ages, but I eventually got it done.

I also finished plying my merino/camel.


It’s thicker than I intended it to be – about dk weight and only 123 metres. Not technically enough for a stacked eyelet cowl, but I decided to mess about with the numbers and give it a go any way.

We went to visit some friends in Reading last night which takes an hour and a half drive each way. I’ve nearly got the cowl finished with a matter of meters of yarn left!



  1. Gorgeous – I really love the oatmeal braids.

  2. Mmmmmmmmm! Love the fibre you’ve dyed! I’m seriously thinking about getting a spinning wheel, and I know where I’ll be coming to enhance my fibre stash!! Looking forward to seeing some photos of the cowl.

  3. Ooo, wow, gorgeous stuff! Love that photo of all the oatmeal BFL braids.

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