Posted by: Moggle | April 19, 2009

Spinning and seed sowing

Here’s the yarn I plied yesterday. It’s one ply polwarth/silk, and one of polwarth/silk/shetland (from a batt).


It’s on my new oak niddy noddy that Mr M made for me. It’s a little tight to get the yarn off afterwards so I’ll have to wind less tightly next time.

I sowed a whole bunch of veggie seeds over easter and so far quite a few have come up.


Some courgettes, cucumbers, 4 types of tomatoes (plum, slicing, cherry and baby plum), lettuce and basil. I love the feeling of planting a seed that looks like a speck of dust, and it turns in to a beautiful productive plant.

I was also given some established strawberry plants by our neighbour. I put them in to our raised bed along with some herbs, and sowed more seeds in there (carrots and salads this time). It’s all looking a bit random at the moment, but I don’t really mind.


The window is there on purpose – it’s to stop the neighbours chickens from scratching the seed bed, and also to help give them a head start germinating.



  1. Your yarn looks lovely, and ooooo, look at all the seedlings and plants! Fresh strawberries right off the plant are one of summer’s greatest little pleasures.

    (None of my herbs have sprouted yet at all, but spring comes later, here.)

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