Posted by: Moggle | May 3, 2009

First off the suzie

I used the new wheel as an excuse to break out some lovely oatmeal bfl/silk originally intended for the etsy shop. It’s oatmeal bfl/silk dyed with a red-brown and a cherry red which I called Jansz, after a Tassie producer of champagne-style bubbles (for the red pinot noir grapes that go in to the delicious bubbly). My local off licence used to stock it occasionally.


The yarn came out much more pink than I expected. This came out to be around 4-ply thickness. It was almost effortless to spin this fine on the suzie. It used to be such an effort to spin fine on the traveller.

I had a big day of dyeing on Friday to help stock the new shop. I dyed some gorgeous 23 micron grey merino and some otameal BFL.


I’ve also been getting back in to drumcarding. A few weeks ago I tried kettle dyeing some shetland. The results aren’t good enough to sell on their own, but drumcard very nicely. This overcomes one of the biggest problems I’ve had with making batts – the planning. I can just grab whatever colours inspire me and start blending.

I’ve signed myself up for more planning though as I came up with the idea for a ‘carder’s club‘. I got really inspired recently dyeing and carding all sorts of different fibres together. I used my procion dyes I bought at Wonderwool to dye a bit of tencel and a bit of seacell too. I’m still having fun dyeing and carding the mohair curls too, and I’m going to get some more and probably list them in the shop. This afternoon I carded this lot: Superwash merino/bamboo and kid mohair curls.


I still haven’t woven in all the ends on my origami bolero. Must get that done, and then swatch for the garter yoke cardigan.



  1. Ooh, that yarn is beautiful, and so are your dyed fibres. Absolutely lovely. *pets them*

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