Posted by: Moggle | May 10, 2009

Friends at last

I have a bit of a spinny secret I’ve been keeping to myself. I wasn’t getting on with the gorgeous Bosworth mini drop spindle Mr M bought me for Christmas. Then it got mis-placed (not lost!) in the move.

However it re-appeared recently, and having read many post-wonderwool raves on Bosworth purchases and how great they are, I decided to give it another go. I think my main problem is that I tried to spin the lovely bright pink roving (true roving rather than top) that came with the spindle. It’s lovely and soft, but a bit felted and too sproingy to work well on this tiny 15 gram spindle.

Step one on the path to being best buddies with my Bosworth was to use it to spin a sample of some superwash BFL/Kid Mohair I’d carded in to a batt. I wanted to be able to advertise it as being machine washable and needed to test it. I spun the finest yarn I’ve ever spun (although less than 10 metres).

Step two was claiming some ‘overcooked’ grey merino in my Bottlebrush colourway. I’d tried too hard to get the reds to fix and the roving was a little compacted – a tiny bit felted.

However it is spinning up beautifully on the Bossie.

Spindle Bottlebrush

Spindling is so relaxing! I had a busy, stressful week at work, and 10 minutes of spindling and audio book was great to relax to just before bed.


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