Posted by: Moggle | May 26, 2009

Pictures from an exhibition

Well the guild’s exhibition was the just-gone bank holiday weekend – it happened as part of the Oxfordshire artweeks festival. I put in a few things for display including my opulent raglan. I love how it was displayed with a felted bead necklace and earrings.

opulent raglan

In fact I loved this whole section of the display. It was mostly neutrals, greys and blacks with a hint of colour here and there. The two ladies who arranged it seemed to really have an eye for display/design.

neutrals 4

Unfortunately you can’t see too much of detail on the black jacket but it was pretty incredible.

neutrals 3

neutrals 2

We also had a ‘shawl corner’. I helped set out the items for this section. The peacock shawl on the left of this picture was all laceweight spun on a drop spindle.

artweeks 2

This was one of my favourite items, a lovely lacy cardigan. I think it might be melon stitch.

artweeks 1

On Friday I demonstrated. I loaded the car up with my wheel and my drumcarder and decided to start making some heather batts. Mr M’s workmate from the workshop doesn’t look elegant but was extremely convenient to bolt the drumcarder to.

Drum Carding

I had almost as much interest in my carding from guild members as I did from members of the public. Lots of people hadn’t seen this model of drum carder and were also intrigued by my use of a brush to pack more fibre on to the drum.

I had a great time, but talked so much I had a very dry and sore throat at the end of the day.



  1. It looks like it was a really lovely exhibition. People are always drawn to demonstrations as well. I agree about the neutrals – I’m not usually a neutral fan, I love colour, but all those textures and different neutral shades are really beautiful to look at. I have to just add that I’ve spun my first skein of yarn with the roving and spindle I got at wonderwool. Its totally addictive so when I have less projects on the go I really hope to do loads more.
    Sam x

  2. Beautiful pictures. Your work is lovely and the display shows it off perfectly.

  3. Ooo, beautiful displays. I’d love to live somewhere with an actual fibrecraft subculture.

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