Posted by: Moggle | June 1, 2009

Keep it secret, keep it safe

I knew the hardest thing about having a fibre club was going to be keeping it all a secret.

I’m currently spinning up the test batch for the June Carder’s club parcel, and I’m so pleased with it. But I suspect some of the members read my blog and so I can’t tell you what it is.

However I can tell you it’s spinning in to lovely fine singles which are going to become a 3-ply. I just need for my new lazy kate to arrive so that I can ply it all.

I’ll be able to show you in a week or so once I know the packs have reached their destination (currently they’re being dyed).

I’ve been trying to do lots of work on my garter yoke cardigan this weekend. I’ve made good progress so far and I’m about to split for the armholes. The colour isn’t quite right in this photo – I’m still trying to figure out the new camera.

Garter yoke 31_5

I had a nice parcel arrive on Friday – a couple of kilos of Polwarth lamb fleece. It’s a breed of sheep that is a cross between a merino and a lincoln and has the fine fibres of a merino with a much longer staple. It’s incredibly fine and crimpy.

Polwarth unwashed

I washed up a small sample. It turned in to a big ball of fluff!

Polwarth washed

I then spun it. I didn’t reall card it properly so my sample was a bit lumpy-bumpy but so lovely and soft.

It needs really carefull washing so as not to felt it. I’m not looking forward to hand washing 2.5 kilos of it so I’m looking in to having a mill commercially process it.


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