Posted by: Moggle | June 26, 2009

Yarn acquisitions

My webs yarn had finally arrived! I had to pay customs charges which made it not such a fabulous bargain but still good. They’re absolutely gorgeous yarns and you certainly can’t get Peruvia over here easily.

Webs yarns

I love the peruvia it’s so floofy and smooshy and the teal colour is gorgeous. I wish I’d ordered some other colours.

Peruvia Teal

I don’t think you can get this shade of purple from the stockists here in the UK. This is destined to be a Forestry/Old Penny cardigan.

Eggplant 220

I’m also pleased with the blue sky skinny cotton in basil which is going to be a cardi for my nephew-to-be.

Basil skinny cotton

I’ve swapped a skein of it with Wordsandstitches for a skein in cherry to make something else – probably another argyle slipover – I just need another contrast colour cotton for the argyles. The colour isn’t right in this photo – I’ll have to take another one soon.

Cherry skinny cotton

I’ve finished the knitting on my garter yoke cardi and only have a couple more buttons to sew on. Will post an FO pic soon.



  1. That purple will look lovely as the Forestry cardy – I’ve been eyeing that pattern for ages!

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