Posted by: Moggle | July 20, 2009


After a patchy start, I’ve got a reasonable amount of spinning done for the tour de fleece.

I finished 50g shetland heather singles. I’m struggling with slow spinning on my suzie, and I’m looking in to getting a slow whorl. I think these are a little under-spun and I still need to full them.

Spun singles

I really enjoyed spinning this UK Polwarth. I bought the fleece a while ago and had processed in to rovings by a mill.  This is a 40-45g test dye (Port Huon colourway) and spin – about 90 metres. It’s so fine that I was worried I might felt it by dyeing it but it was ok. I have a limited amount of this but it will eventually make it in to the etsy shop.

Port Huon Polwarth spun

On Saturday the guild had a ‘fleece to blanket day’ at the house of one of the members. We started with a raw, unwashed fleece and spun in the grease. We each spun enough yarn to knit a square which are eventually going to be turned in to a blanket. It was my first time spinning and knitting in the grease. The spinning was OK, but the knitting was a bit sticky. You can see photos from the day on Liz’s blog , and also Lyn’s square here – which washed up surprisingly creamy white.

After looking at cream fibre and yarn for so long I needed a bit of colour, so I broke out my backup – my grey merino in Meadowbank.

spinning meadowbank

This was from a batch of 6 braids that I tried to rinse too roughly. They didn’t quite felt, but they compacted a lot. I was able to fluff them up again a bit but I’m not happy to sell them at full price. They still spin up pretty well though and I’m going to make a display shawl/shrug out of two for Fibrefest.

Some other people have been spinning Thylacine fibre too.

Liz has made some gorgeous socks from a braid of Hartzview superwash merino/nylon and has spun up some Charlotte’s Cove superwash merino/seacell.

Cannycat is spinning up some grey merino in Suttons Tarn



  1. I love the Shetland singles – it looks a bit like Tapestry which is also a bit underspun (if underspun means falling apart when you try to sew with it) but which gives an amazing effect in garter stitch.

  2. That spinning day looks like it was so enjoyable. Was that a group you often spin with? Also, I see you’re going to Fibrefest. Will you be having a stand there? I can’t go unfortunately but it looks like a brilliant event.

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