Posted by: Moggle | July 23, 2009

Big cardi, little cardi

After the success of my Garter Yoke cardi, I decided to make the Baby Garter yoke for my nephew-to-be. It didn’t take long for it to go from this:

garter baby cardi 1

To this:

Baby garter yoke

It just needs button bands and buttons. I need to make myself finish it and get it in the post before the little one is due. I’m normally rubbish at getting presents in the post on time!

I’m also making good progress on my B-side cardgian. I’m up to the armholes and finishing up to the neck on the cable side. I’m really ready to be done with this cable now. I think I only have a couple more rows to go. The other bits are stocking stitch and should go quickly.

B side cardi

Although I’m bored with the cable, I am pleased with how it looks.

B side cardi II

I’ve finished spinning the first skein of grey merino and am now dithering about what to make with it. I’ll post about that tomorrow if I get time – it’s my first proper day of working at home and I have lots and lots to do.



  1. Love the cardi. 😀 I’ve really fallen for garter stitch recently.

    I get bored with cables as well. I usually find there’s one or two rows of the pattern which I “like” doing and try to motivate myself to keep knitting for the reward of doing those rows!

  2. I love the B-Side cardigan. What a beautiful colour. I think I’m going to take a leaf out of your book and start another project before I finish the one I’m working on. Having major problems…

  3. The cardigan looks great. Good luck with finding the buttons for it – either wood or pewter colour might be nice with that green.

    Hope your first working-at-home day goes well.

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