Posted by: Moggle | August 8, 2009

Tastes like home


If it’s possible for a vegetable to taste of home, then for me it’s this one. Known here in the UK as ‘Swiss Chard’ and in Tasmania as ‘Silver Beet’. It’s got a really earthy taste – like spinach but even more so. I’ve got a little row on the allotment and it’s going bonkers after all the recent rain so I’ve had several harvests already. Mr M isn’t a great fan so I get to have most of it myself.

In the past week I also dug up a big bagful of spuds from the bed at home – Anya and Cara. This anya seems to be trying to win some kind of knobbliest potato competition.

knobbly anya

The rest have been more regularly shaped for the most part – they’re delicious too.

It can’t be long now till I have ripe tomatoes. I only hope the blight stays away in all this wet weather.

g delight

Courgettes have been appearing in a nice steady stream. I pick them on the small-ish side because I think they taste nicer and they don’t become a burden that I have to use up or give away. These are the variety ‘genovese’ which are much paler than the usual type.


This is one of the two pumpkins that have formed. I discovered I haven’t made good notes and the labels I put in the ground have got lost but I think this is either a Queensland Blue or a Hybrid Grey Crown. It will eventually have a blue-grey skin but bright orange tasty flesh. I’m really excited to have pumpkins growing – they’re another taste of home for me.

pumpkin 1

Not sure of the variety of this second pumpkin, but I suspect it’s a Marina De Choggia, another grey-skinned type.

pumpkin 2

After I dug the spuds and Mr M weeded the bed it’s all looking quite tidy. I’ve got Borlotti beans growing up the canes on the left hand side. I’m hoping I get lots and I can store them in to the winter.

veg bed Jul 09

There’s loads on the allotment too (and unfortunately onion white rot too!). I’ll try to take some photos there next time we’re down there.



  1. There’s nothing nicer than eating things that were growing in the garden an hour earlier. We’ve been enjoying a bumper harvest of courgettes, and our tomatoes are now ripening.

  2. Fibre queen – and a green thumb???? Is there anything you can’t do!!??

    My parents had a great vegetable garden – one of the many things I miss about home. Perhaps I should investigate container gadening…

  3. your produce looks amazing! We’ve just had our first tomato, shared its juicy sweetness!

  4. Your squashes are huge! Ours have only just started forming baby ones. We’ve been munching on chard all summer – I love the colours of rainbow chard, but we have the Swiss type too!

  5. wow! such bounty – i adore chard too and gave my boyfriend’s mother (who has a garden) seeds for rainbow chard with the secret plan that she could supply us with it because it’s not sold in the markets around here.

  6. That looks great, you are so lucky to have all that space to veg in! (though I suppose I would too, if I didn’t have four ravenous monsters-I-mean-hens…)


  7. Swiss Chard is one of our favourites! We’ve had masses of it this year. No knitting has been done today, as our fridge has been feeling very nauseous with ‘tomato overload’. I have been busy making chutney and pasta sauce to relieve his sickiness!!! I love the colourways of your latest dyeing! 🙂

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