Posted by: Moggle | August 12, 2009

Origin of colourways

This week a special little parcel arrived at home – 4 skeins of 4-ply yarn in natural colours. I’ve been looking for natural coloured yarns for a while to overdye in the same way I do the fibre.

Hastings Caves Shet 4ply 9_8

Hastings Caves on Oatmeal Shetland 4-ply

Epping Forest gshet 4ply 9_8

Epping Forest on Grey Shetland 4-ply

I’m really pleased with these. I need to test-knit a sock to see if the shetland is tough enough. But there’s no real reason it shouldn’t work as well as the many standard merino sock yarns already available. I think this would look nice as lace too. I deliberately made the colourways a bit more subdued than their fibre versions (see pics below) so the colours won’t pool or clash too much when knitted up.

I will probably order a darker grey shetland next time as I’m a bit concerned that there’s not quite enough distinction between the two natural colours.


This is the full-strength version of Hastings Caves on Oatmeal BFL/Silk. This red-brown and the grey usually suggest hills/mountains to me and I named this colourway for one of the best known caves in Tassie.

Hastings Caves 9_8

Hastings Caves on Oatmeal BFL/Silk


Greens usually suggest a forest name to me so I named this combination of forest, mint and teal after the small town of Epping Forest. This town was one of the waypoints on the 1.5 hour drive from the rural Fingal Valley (where we lived when I was a child) to the ‘big smoke’ of Launceston. When we got to Epping Forest it meant we were nearly to Launceston and the fun/shopping etc would start soon.


Epping Forest gmer 9_8

Epping Forest on Grey Merino


Waddamana is named for the site of an old Hydro Power Station in the Central Highlands. Waddamana is a Tasmanian Aboriginal word meaning ‘noisy water. I stayed there a couple of times in my childhood and saw snow up close there for the first time in my life.

Waddamana ukal 9_8

Waddamana on UK Alpaca


Connellys Marsh is a small seaside town where my aunt lived for a while about 20 years ago.

Conneleys Marsh 9_8

Connellys Marsh on Cheviot


The blues and light teal of this colourway said sea to me. So I named it after Bicheno, a much larger seaside town and resort on the East Coast of Tasmania. One of my good friends from secondary school lived there and I stayed several weekends with her.

Bicheno ukal 9_8

Bicheno on UK Alpaca


I knew I was going to name a colourway after the town of Bothwell – site of the bi-annual Spin-In. This seemed to be the right one.

Bothwell chev 9_8

Bothwell on Cheviot

I hope you have enjoyed your little colourway tour of Tasmania!



  1. Lovely – it looks like you’ve had a busy time dyeing.

  2. Hi megan, I really love Connellys Marsh, and the tour of tas I’ve never been but everyone says it’s gorgeous. 🙂

  3. Some lovely colours. My favourite is Connellys Marsh – beautiful!

  4. Droooool, such lovely colours!

  5. I love the relationship between colours, memories and places that you are exploring in these colourways; really nice.

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