Posted by: Moggle | August 14, 2009

FO: Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan

baby garter yoke 1

Pattern: Baby Garter Yoke cardigan

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton in Basil

Needle: 3.75mm

For: my nephew-to-be, due next month

baby garter yoke 2

The acutal knitting on this cardi didn’t actually take that long. I put off doing the button bands for ages, and then sewing in the ends.

I have to thank wordsandstitches for the yarn recommendation for this. My sister and her hubby live about an hour north of Brisbane, in Queensland Australia. Summer temps average over 30 degrees celcius and winter is pretty mild there. So wool isn’t going to be needed much. I was hesitant to knit with cotton as I’d heard it stretched and faded, and last time I knit with cotton (debbie bliss cotton) I didn’t enjoy it. This was quite nice to knit with though (although a little splitty) and I’m assured it washes well and doesn’t fade.


I also started this bonnet in Rowan Milk Cotton DK. This is also nice to knit with. I’ve actually almost finished it but this is how it looked a few days ago without the ears and i-cord ties.

hello bonnet

The cotswold rail line has been open again and I’ve been taking the train and able to knit. I finally started a pair of pomatomus socks in Natural Dye Studio Chi. I’ve had this yarn for ages and it was nice to finally cast on with it.

pomatomus 1

I also started my handspun Liesl. I’m hoping to get this finished in time for display at Fibrefest.

Handspun Liesl



  1. The finished baby cardigan looks great. Hope you’re feeling better too.

  2. Oh it’s gorgeous! I’ve started knitting in cotton as my niece isn’t able to wear wooly things, they make her too hot (they live in the North of Spain). I might have to try this little cardigan, I love it.

  3. what a precious cardigan!

  4. Looks good! I’m glad your train is running again – I just wish it were September already, so that mine was 🙂

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