Posted by: Moggle | September 12, 2009


My sister’s due date is this coming wednesday. I’ve been checking my mobile every half hour to see if I’ve received the text message that tells me she’s going in to hospital.

I’ve been distracting myself with:

An almost finished pomatomus sock

pomatomus 0.95


Dyeing some more superwash merino/seacell

fibre drying


Harvesting pumpkins



Picking some tomatoes

baby plum toms


And working on a mystery project

mystery project



  1. How exciting, I hope she is not too overdue otherwise the wait will be unbearable! I’d love to know what the mystery knit is.

  2. Wow- look at those pumpkins!!! And your toms aren’t bad either 🙂 Fingers crossed for your sister. I love that mystery knitting yarn – most snuggly looking.

  3. Hope all goes well for your sister, and that you are an auntie very soon! Just think of all the lovely woolly gifts you’ll be able to lavish on the baby!

  4. Best wishes to your sister 🙂 It must be torture knowing you’ll be an auntie so soon, but not quite when exactly! Good that you’ve got lots of things to keep you occupied! Love the colour of the pomatamus 🙂

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