Posted by: Moggle | September 26, 2009

Theory in to practice

Apologies again for the lack of posting! There hasn’t seemed to be a lot to talk about.

Last weekend I picked up my b-side cardigan again after a bit of a hibernation. I had decided a while ago I was going to do the sleeves top-down with short rows.  I decided I was ready to pick up the stitches.

I had read the theory on how to do it months ago and I decided to just wing it with what I remembered. I picked up the number of stitches for the widest point of the sleeve cap (before shaping) around the armhole. I started by knitting across the number of stitches for the top of the sleeve cap. I short rowed back and forth picking up an additional stitch on each side as I went. I did this until I had a similar number of stitches to the sleeve cap left at the underarm and knitted across them all at once. Then I finished knitting the sleeve in the round.

Part way down the sleeve looked like this.

top down partial sleeve

And after casting off yesterday it looked like this:

top down sleeve

Overall I’m really pleased. It probably took more effort to pick up the stitches than to sew the sleeve in, but I really hate seaming – especially sleeves. I must have done something funny picking up or short rowing because I have one little hole. Oh well I will just sew that closed.

top down holy sleeve


Last weekend was the first guild meeting after the summer. I had a lovely day spinning these singles in the sun.


There was also a completely brilliant talk on flax and spinning linen. I wasn’t really that interested in the talk before it started, but Moira Diane Wood really knew her stuff and had a well prepared and delivered presentation which included lots of photos of flax in it’s various forms and was broken up in the middle by a live demonstration of flax spinning from a distaff.

She had some beautiful stricks of water-retted flax which were much softer than I expected. I wish I’d bought some because I’d like to try blending with some wool on the drumcarder.


I’ve joined a spin-along through the ‘snobby spinners’ on Ravelry. I’m going to spin up this Polwarth in ‘kookaburra’ from Southern Cross Fibres, and ply with either the brown BFL on the right, or dye up some of the blue on the left.

Kookaburra partner

Not sure whether I will 2 or 3 ply at this stage either.


I’m still not an aunty yet! My sister is 10 days past her due date and is booked to be induced tomorrow if nothing has happened by then.



  1. Congratulations on picking up the technique! The sleeve looks gorgeous.

  2. I have yet to try short rows but I think its worth learning. I loved the southercross fibre I managed to get!

  3. The jumper looks great! The yarn looks so soft and scrummy and is such a pretty colour. Ros

  4. I agree with Ros, the jumper is gorgeous! Looks really warm and snuggley 🙂

  5. […] Mods: Worked a larger size at a guage of 25 sts instead of 24 (as specified in the pattern) and knitted sleeves from the top-down (vaguely outlined in this post). […]

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