Posted by: Moggle | October 4, 2009

New technique learned

It’s been annoying me for a while that I can’t do navajo plying. I tried it soon after I got my first wheel last year, made a big knotted mess and gave up.

While looking through a thread on Ravelry I came across a link to this video by Sarah Anderson. She mentions in the video to use well rested singles. I found some very well rested alpaca singles which I spun up almost a year ago, and tried it. I got it right straight away!

And here is the proof – please excuse the slightly crappy photo – the dark yarn didn’t show up very well in today’s weak daylight.

first decent n-ply

So I decided not to spin the polwarth for the spin-along because I don’t have a project in mind for it yet.  Instead I’m spinning up yet another braid of Meadowbank and n-ply it. The singles are the finest I’ve spun yet.

n-ply singles

I finished spinning these on Friday night, and tested them yesterday and they were still quite ‘energised’. I’m going to be patient and leave them a bit longer before I ply.

I have started on the second sleeve of my b-side cardigan and I’ve got two almost-finished pomatomus socks. I’m just putting off grafting the toes for some reason.

I dyed up a load of Oatmeal BFL/Silk and Superwash merino/seacell on Friday which should make it’s way in to the shop soon.



  1. I ‘tried’ having a go at this technique when I had my 2nd go at spinning at my LYS, and was complete rubbish! I couldn’t understand what I had to do! Once my wheel is here, I’ll take a look at the link. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that YouTube video! I recently got into spinning and that made Navajo Plying seem almost easy! Hopefully that will help once I get a full bobbin of singles rested!

    Goodness, that Meadowbank fiber is looking gorgeous!

    How does one n-ply?

  3. I should really try N-plying, I’ve only ever tried it on the spindle, and that was a mess! Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  4. I love N plying but had a nightmare the other day with singles breaking and parts of them being overtwisted. I was trying to spin sock yarn!

  5. Some gorgeous spinning! Love those gorgeous blues! Ros

  6. Trying to navajo-ply freshly-spun singles is like taking the short road to madness. =D

    The yarn looks gorgeous… very squishy.

  7. Thanks for the link, I’ve just had a play and it has resulted in very springy art yarn. Hopefully once washed may resemble real yarn. It’s always seemed really complicated before but that link makes it look easy ( ish ). I can’t wait to try again.

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