Posted by: Moggle | October 12, 2009

Warning: extreme cuteness

My brother-in-law posted this photo on Facebook yesterday and I had to share!

It’s my nephew levi in the Baby Garter yoke cardi and Hello Yarn bonnet I knit for him. I know I’m biassed but he is incredibly cute.

Levi in knits

They are a little big right now but then he is only 3 weeks old and still quite tiny. With any luck they’ll fit him for another 6 months or so.

He looks like our side of the family – mum says he looks a lot like me as a baby.

I finished weaving my scarf on the weekend, did a load of photographing and listing, started a quickie pair of socks and successfully navajo plied some yarn. Now I just need to take photos.



  1. You can’t get cuter than a baby in handknits! Just lovely.

  2. Wow! Very very very cute. The color is a fantastic choice.

  3. That is sooooo cute. I love the colour and everything about the clothes and of course little Levi is adorable.

  4. aw bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

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