Posted by: Moggle | October 30, 2009

One colourway, three ways

Another upside of having five part-ruined braids to spin up has been that I’ve been able to experiment with spinning the same fibre with different methods.

This is how the ‘Meadowbank’ grey merino looks as a braid:

Spinning singles 1 - braid

The skein below was spun using the ‘fractal’ method. I split the length of top in half and spun one piece with no further splitting. The second piece I split in to 3 or 4 pieces lengthways and spun those with shorter colour repeats. Yarn produced with this method seems to stripe when knitted (or woven) but in a more subtle blended way (as seen on my liesl)

Meadowbank plied


For the second skein, I drumcarded the fibre once in to an un-blended batt and spun low-twist singles.

Fulling singles 6 - finished


This third skein is navajo plied using the technique I linked to a few weeks ago.

meadowbank n-plied

I let the singles rest for almost a week but a bit longer would have been better. I used my tensioned lazy kate which helped control tangles. I plied slower than usual but these still ended up a bit over-plied. I think I will try a lower ratio next time. I tried to spin very fine singles and was aiming for a sock yarn thickness but this is probably closer to ‘sportweight’ and I was a bit disappointed with the yardage – only about 90 metres. I really like how the yarn looks plied this way though.

And it’s been really nice to be able to compare some different methods of spinning. I still get surprised at how some colourways look once spun – I don’t get the chance to test-spin many colourways.



  1. What a wonderful demonstration of how the same fibre can look completely different depending on the prep and spin — all gorgeous!

  2. The difference between the three is really striking! It’s fascinating!

  3. It’s kind of crazy how the same fibre can result in such remarkably different, but beautiful, yarns.

    Thanks for this–I’m still such a newbie spinner that it really helps to see results from different methods all spun from the same top.

  4. I’m a pretty new spinner and I had no idea about “fractal spinning”. It sound so neat! I can’t wait to try it! The other yarns look great too of course. Makes me wish I had a drum carder, or at least some hand cards.

  5. I bought the book ‘Color in Spinning’ recently so I really love your color experiments! Please post more as you do them! They are so informative!
    I will go back and look at the Navajo plying video you posted as I really love what you did with it here in this colorway. Thanks!

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