Posted by: Moggle | November 8, 2009


I was supposed to take loads of photos of WIPs and FOs last weekend, but forgot and took shop fibre photos instead. This is why I didn’t post during the week – I really don’t like just posting text.

However yesterday was sunny and I remembered to take photos of both shop fibre and all the other stuff.

I’ve made good progress on my Ivy League vest.

Ivy League

My guage is a bit off – 32 sts instead of 28. But I think it’s going to be OK.

I was between portable projects last week so I decided to make a quick hat. I cast on for Jared Flood’s Relm beret in the leftover cascade 220 from my garter yoke cardigan.

Relm Beret

I ran out of yarn half way through the decreases at the top (despite ripping back the two swatches from my cardi) So I had to rip back the hat to the main pattern and work one repeat less of the cables. The beret is un-blocked in this photo and it’s currently blocking.

I also started some new socks. These are going to be for my Father-in-law for Christmas. I created a new colourway called ‘Stringybark‘ aiming for a colourway that subtle enough for a man, but also with enough variegation to prevent the knitting becoming boring.

Stringybark socks

This is the bottom of the foot – I’m keeping the pattern a surprise. If I like how this sock works up, I’ll probably publish the pattern.

I also took some photos of the blue mystery socks finished, but I’ll keep them for a separate post.



  1. I love Stringybark! I think it would really show off a lot of patterns nicely since it’s relatively subtle but still interesting.

  2. Lovely sock yarn – very subtle and manly.

  3. Love the stringybark! The vest and hat are lovely too!

  4. I love how your vest is looking so far. Be sure to post photos of you modeling the beret when it’s done blocking 😀

  5. Oooo the Ivy Leauge Vest is neat! I bet it will be great!
    I think the Stringybark will be great for guys.

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