Posted by: Moggle | November 24, 2009

Marvellous mittens

Pattern: Warmest Mittens by Kris Percival

Yarn: Handspun Natural Dye Studio Halo BFL (2-ply construction)

Needle: 3.75mm interchangeable

Mods: None

These were quick and satisfying to knit. They really only took a couple of days. The yarn fluffed up a lot and a little uneven and probably varied between DK and Aran. So the fabric on 3.75mm needles is fairly dense which hopefully will keep the wind out.

The decreases aren’t particularly neat but I’m really not bothered. The yarn graduated from purple at one end to blue at the other which caused the non-matching mittens. I cast on the first one with blue then changed to purple to try to even them up a bit.

I wore them this morning and this evening for my commute (train-bus-walk & waiting in between) and they kept my fingers nice and toasty. I’ll be sad to put away my endpaper mitts, but they just don’t keep my fingers warm.

I have two new projects, one of which has a photo from this past weekend so I’ll try to post about that in the next day or two.



  1. Oh these are gorgeous. The colour is amazing, I’m impressed that they only took a few days as well, I need me some of those kinds of projects.

  2. ooh cosy – yes you really do need “real” mittens at this time of the year.

  3. I love the colour graduation across the mittens. They look nice and warm too.

  4. They look lovely – I especially enjoy the subtle gradient.

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