Posted by: Moggle | November 27, 2009

Sort-of secret knitting

Not long after I posted the pictures of my finshed Liesl my mum sent me an email saying she really liked it and would like to have one. I offered to buy and send her a copy of the pattern. She replied that actually she wanted someone to knit her one. So I agreed to do it for Christmas.

So Mum’s not actually going to be surprised when she opens her christmas present (although if I manage to finish it and get it in the post on time, that will be unusual and quite a surprise!). I am trying to keep the yarn and colour a little bit of a secret though. If you’re on ravelry and want a sneak peak, click here.

The other new project I cast on for in the last week are Glenna’s 14 Karat socks. I haven’t been able to get a photo because I’m currently leaving for work in the dark and getting home in the dark. I might take my old camera to work with me tomorrow. I’m knitting the socks toe-up and decided to knit a plain toe. So far so good and the pattern is a great combination of interest and repetition. I’m coming up to the heel soon and will have to do a little bit of thinking there about how to fit it in.

I’ve also started a new spinning project. I’m planning a sock pattern for both handspun yarn and hand-dyed yarn. I’m spinning up some of my superwash merino/seacell to use. I did a little test skein at the guild meeting on Saturday to make sure I got the thickness of the singles right for the yarn I want.

This is the colouway I’m spinning – ‘Scarpantoni’

And so far it looks like this



  1. Mmmmmnnnggggh so pretty! I love that colour.

    And hurray, I’m glad the socks are working out so far!

  2. that fiber looks amazing! love the colors–do I understand right that you dyed the roving yourself?

  3. ooh gorgeous and I love that colourway in the sock yarn too!

  4. That yarn you’re spinning is gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Your mom will be so happy!

  6. So beautiful – can’t wait to see it spun up & knitted ๐Ÿ™‚

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