Posted by: Moggle | December 3, 2009

Sock in progress

It got light enough this past weekend for me to take a half-decent photo of my in-progress 14 Karat sock.

Instead of knitting top-down, I did my usual short row toe (62 stitches) then increased to 70 stitches for the charted part. I feel a bit bad but I decided not to do the clever patterning to the to, although I am sure this would be possible, especially with a figure-8 type cast on.

I love this yarn – it’s Artist’s Palette Smoothie Sock. The photo really isn’t true to the colour at all. It’s more like a dark blue-green with flashes of green and blue.

It’s knitting up quickly and the the pattern is surprisingly intuitive. I haven’t looked at the chart much lately.

Still working on Mum’s Christmas cardigan, and I’ve been getting back in to crochet a bit and planning a vest design with some artesano alpaca I have in stash.



  1. Fabulous sock! I love the colour and the pattern. Might need to have a go at these. I love your mittens, shown in the last post, too! Have a great weekend. Ros

  2. The yarn looks great, even in the photo. I love it so far.

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