Posted by: Moggle | December 12, 2009

You win some

The Oxford Bluestockings knitting group had our christmas party this past wednesday.

Instead of a secret santa, we had something called a ‘yankee swap’. I’m still not sure I am clear on the rules, but there was swapping and stealing involved and at the end of it I ended up with this lovely skein of Manos del Uruguay.

Any ideas on what I should make with it?

This friday wasn’t nearly as productive as the last one, but I still got these skeins of yarn and braids of fibre photographed and uploaded to the shop. It’s mostly Seacell/Merino sock yarn, one skein of Silk/Seacell and a few braids of shetland fibre in new colourways.

I’m on the final stretch of mums christmas cardi, and going to fill that sweater-shaped hole in my WIP list with the puff-sleeved cardigan (only no puffy sleeves for me) from Fitted Knits. I wound the first skein of lovely, lovely Peruvia in to a ball today!



  1. Love your most recent dyeing. Great colours! I just love the Manos del Uruguay silk blend yarn. I have recently used a skein to knit the Drop Stitch scarf by Christine Voegel. It’s a free Rav download. It’s a fun pattern and knits up beautifully. Take a look at my Rav page or blog to see my ‘Seascape Scarf’ version. Have a good week. Ros

  2. I was going to suggest the same pattern as snoopydog!

  3. Oh yes, the Yankee Swap. Such an overly complicated tradition.
    Beautiful acquisition!

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