Posted by: Moggle | December 21, 2009

Secret knitting makes for boring blogging

I try not to blather on too much about what’s going on in my etsy shop here on my blog, and concentrate more on knitting, crocheting and spinning. But it’s a slow week for much of anything blog-able, so here’s a pretty picture of my most recent shop update.

A nice mix of grey shetland, grey shetland/silk, grey shetland/black bamboo and oatmeal bfl/silk.


I did manage to get mums cardigan finished, blocked, wrapped and in the post this week. I’m not sure it will get there for the day itself, but hopefully will arrive soon after.

That meant it was time to cast on for another cardigan for me.

This is going to be the puff-sleeved cardigan from Fitted Knits. Only it’s not going to have puffy sleeves. It’s Berroco Peruvia which I am really enjoying knitting with. I really wish someone in the UK stocked this, I just love the heathery colours.

I’m not having much of a break from regular work at Christmas but I’m still looking forward to the four days off. Hopefully there will be a bit of time and daylight for more photos then.



  1. I love that yarn for the cardigan! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  2. Mmmmmmmm some lovely fibre! Once I get more proficient on my wheel, I shall be paying your shop a visit!

  3. Agree with Mildawg, looks like it’ll be very warm and cosy. Fitted knits is a nice book. Have a lovely Christmas x

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