Posted by: Moggle | December 25, 2009

So here it is, Merry Christmas!

Just over a month ago while I was knitting the my first ’14 Karat’ sock Mr M and I had a conversation that went a bit like this.

MR M: ‘That yarn is a nice colour. Are those socks for me?’ (Mr M usually does not take much notice of yarn)

ME: ‘It’s Artist’s Palette and no, they’re for me. You had the last pair of Artist’s Palette socks’

MR M: ‘Oh…’ (and looked sad)

So I decided to try to secretly custom order some more of the yarn in slightly different (but still dark and manly) colourway and attempt to knit a pair of socks in time for Christmas.

Juliet from Artist’s Palette dyed me up some more of her smoothie sock in a gorgeous muted blue and I got knitting. However what had seemed like a quick-to-knit sock took much longer when I had to do it in secret – on the commute to work and during lunch half-hours.

I lost time experimenting with a different pattern for the side panels of the sock. The original is great, but I thought it was a bit too lacy for a man. I replaced it with what I think is called double-moss stitch (row 1 knit, row 2 k1 p1, row 3 knit, row 4 p1 k1) over 4 stitches instead of 3.

I ended up throwing caution to the wind and working on finishing the first sock at home for the last couple of evenings, and hoping that Mr M wouldn’t notice. He didn’t and I managed to finish last night and wrap the lone sock quickly this morning.

At least the second sock can be knitted out in the open!

Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for reading and all your support and comments this year.



  1. Lovely sock! Happy Holidays!

  2. Great gift! It will definitely be loved.

  3. A gorgeous sock, and very impressive that you were able to finish it in secret. May the second one go quickly! Love your blog.

  4. Mr JK was also gifted one sock on Christmas day! I managed to finish the 2nd one yesterday, so not too late! Yours looks far more complicated! Happy New Year!

  5. Well done on the sock, he’ll still have something to look forward to after christmas day is over! Hope you had a good christmas!

  6. Happy new year!

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