Posted by: Moggle | January 3, 2010

2009 – resolutions reviewed

Early in 2009 I reviewed previous the year and set myself some goals for the coming year. I’m going to post a review of the past year and set some goals for 2010 in the next couple of days

a. Make lots of sweaters for myself – I only have two really wearable ones I’ve knitted at the moment.

A definite success. I made one pullover (opulent raglan) and four cardigans (Liesl, origami bolero, garter yoke & B side). I hardly ever have to resort to wearing bought knitwear.

b. Learn other spinning techniques – particularly longdraw and from the fold.

Not sure I can really call this a success. I did learn a good technique for navajo/chain plying but due to resolution (e) I didn’t do a great deal of spinning in the latter half of the year.

c. Make my mother-in-law a lap blanket.

Complete and utter failure. But I did make her socks instead.

d. Knit Ivy League – I’ve had the yarn since the beginning of last year but not cast on yet. One of the few things in knitting that I’m still intimidated by is steeking and I want to conquer my fear.

Still haven’t conquered the steeking, but at least I made a start on the vest this year. I need to set aside some time to work on this project because it’s difficult to cart around 6 balls of yarn on my commute, and it requires a bit too much concentration for tv/film knitting.

e. Expand Warratah Fibrecrafts. I want to have an integrated shop, blog, and pattern site, and also dye yarn. I also want to get to the point sales-wise where I could consider giving up a day of work per fortnight or week.

The biggest success here. I re-branded my shop as The Thylacine, started dyeing yarn and asked my scary (and his not-so-scary) boss if I could drop a day a week. They agreed and I’ve been pretty darned busy since then. I still haven’t got the integrated site, but that is the next thing on my list. Onwards and upwards for 2010!

f. Knit something from Victorian Lace Today. I’ve had the book for a year now and looked at it lots but not actually got around to knitting anything from it.



  1. 5 out of 6 is a great result. And don’t forget you also had your first stand at a fibre festival this year too!

  2. I think you had a terrific 2009. Best of luck in 2010!

  3. Have been helping you nan with her computer and she had this as a bookmark so it was good to finally get a look at your site. I Love all the yarn colours and the good Tassie names you have given them.
    You should add to your resolutions to do some knitting for the Alice Springs Beanie festival at the end of June

    Heather in Alice Springs (while visiting Byron Bay)

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