Posted by: Moggle | January 5, 2010

Cold snap

I thought these bumps of merino might have fallen victim to the current cold snap (photo taken yesterday morning) but I’m pleased to report that they actually recovered well in front of the fire.


This was the view out my front door earlier this afternoon. There’s at least double this amount out there now.

No knitting today, just wintry pictures.



  1. Love the photo of the frozen yarn. It looks like something from Narnia! Stay warm and cosy.

  2. That is absolutely the best photo I have seen of fiber hung on a line, ever.

  3. Great photos!! The frozen fibre was a bit terrifying at first glance, I’m glad it recovered!

  4. Are you sure you don’t live in Wisconsin? 🙂
    I wonder if all our hearty fiber-working foremothers didn’t have their wool left outdoors look like yours! Oh, the good ole days! Not!!

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