Posted by: Moggle | January 16, 2010

Stuck in the middle

I’ve been to work only three days out of the last 16 (I won’t count this past wednesday when I made it in late only to turn around after two hours and head back home), so I feel like I should have FOs all over the place.

But I am still in the middle of a load of projects.

The biggest contributor to the problem is this bottom-up raglan I am knitting for my neighbour. I told him I’d get it done soon after Christmas, so I feel I have to work on it solidly. It’s garter rib and fairly brainless, and the New Lanark tweed is knitting up nicely so it will hopefully be out of the way soon.

I took my non-puff-sleeved cardigan off the needles to block and check the guage and fit before Christmas, and as you can see it’s still off the needles. I am really looking forward to getting back to this as the heathery yarn is knitting up beautifully.

I am also still working on the second ’14 Karat’ sock for Mr M. (Also still working on a second one of these for me)

I haven’t done much spinning lately, but I have tried to keep going at the ‘Scarpantoni’ merino/seacell sock yarn I’ve been working on for months. I need to get this finished so I can start working on the sock pattern I have planned.

I also carded up a bunch of batts on the drumcarder yesterday. I will try to get pictures of those if it is sunny (as forecasted) tomorrow.



  1. Looks like you’re being kept busy. I absolutely adore the blues!

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