Posted by: Moggle | February 2, 2010

All quiet on the western (Oxfordshire) front

Sorry about that!

I’ve fallen in to a bit of a midwinter low, not at all helped by the miserable weather (no daylight for taking inspiring blog photos), and knitting under pressure on the never-ending New Lanark jumper. I told the recipient it would probably take a couple of weeks, and it’s already taken a month. I feel like I’m starting to get somewhere with it now though, and I’m on to the second sleeve.

There have been a few brief periods of knitting/spinning fun. Firstly I test dyed a 50g leftover piece of white shetland/silk with a new colourway. I’m spinning this up in to heavy laceweight singles to knit in to one of the scarves from VLT (finally!).

I finished spinning and plying the scarpantoni sock yarn. I didn’t get as much yardage out of this as I had hoped, 277 metres, but I think it should still be enough for socks. Once the evil jumper is complete I can work on the pattern.

I’ve been trying to cheer myself up by watching and listening to Glee (series and soundtrack), Twilight & New Moon (audio book & twilight film) and found out that I’ve been accepted to exhibit/stallhold at Woolfest in June.

I’m going to go and attempt to knit like the wind on this jumper, and hopefully normal blogging service should resume shortly.



  1. Woot! It will be so great to see you at Woolfest in the summer – I was already looking forward to it and you being a vendor there will make it extra exciting. I just hope we have as good weather for camping as last year!

    Keep slogging away on the New Lanark jumper – it’s got to end eventually.

  2. Well done on the Woolfest thing, and also for persevering with the evil jumper. x

  3. Well done for getting into Woolfest. I wondered if you’d be at Wonderwool but I couldn’t see you on the list of exhibitors. A shame, I’d love to see your work in real life x

  4. Here here for mid winter. Absolutely for Glee (so addicted!). Yay for Woolfest! Must definately see you soon and try to get rid of these midwinter blues 🙂

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