Posted by: Moggle | February 19, 2010


I’m still slogging my way through the New Lanark jumper.

However my mind keeps racing ahead to what I’ll be able to cast on next. Two friends from my knitting group are knitting projects in Malabrigo lace. Until I saw and felt this Clapotis-to-be I hadn’t even seen Malabrigo Lace up close – it’s gorgeously soft. And it comes in some beautiful semi-solid colourways. I am so tempted to buy some, but I already have two beautiful skeins of laceweight in stash.

I am having an urge to knit a triangular shawl so I am thinking of making Clothilde with one of these (or some malabrigo I may not be able to resist buying) once the jumper is done.

I tried the surprisingly stretchy bind off on the second of Mr M’s (blue) 14 Karat sock. It is very stretchy, but looks very different to the kitchener bind off on the first sock. So I’m going to frog and make the bind-offs match. I’m also almost finished the second of my (green/teal) 14-karat socks so I’ll soon have a space in my queue for a new pair of socks. I only recently realised that this also means that Mr M and I are going to have almost-matching ‘his and hers’ socks, but I am sure we can manage not to wear them at the same time.

I have the next week off work as annual leave. I’m hoping to get a lot more dyeing done, and also a bit of knitting and spinning, and even some gardening.



  1. Ooh what pretty yarn!

  2. Pretty yarn!! I love the clothilde pattern, I think it would look fantastic in either of those yarn!

  3. A shawl would look fantastic in that yarn!

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