Posted by: Moggle | February 24, 2010

28 Karat

Knitting on the jumper of doom is now done – or at least I hope so. It’s been blocked and needs to be tried on to check the fit. Once I’m convinced it’s OK I’ll run in the ends and sort out buttons.

It feels so nice to have the weight off my shoulders (and needles). I took a photo earlier, but the light is rubbish at the moment and it’s not a great shot. I’ll post a decent one when it’s all finished.

This morning I finally finished off the two pairs of 14 Karat socks I’ve been working on for ages.

Pattern: 14 Karat by Glenna C

Ravelled: Karat for her & Karat for him

Yarn: Both in Smoothie Sock from Artist’s Palette

Needle: 2.5 for pair 1, 2.75 for pair 2

Mods: Knitted both pairs toe-up. Changed lace panel on second pair to a textured stitch pattern and added an extra stitch. More details on Ravelry projects pages.

I really enjoyed knitting both these pairs of socks. The cable-ing looks complicated but it’s actually fairly intuitive and I didn’t need the chart after the first couple of repeats. The yarn is verigated enough to be interesting, but is still quite subtle and is matt rather than shiny which is great for the cables.

None of my photos of either colourway really show how beautiful they are in real life, although this one of the sock on my foot (straight after I finished it this morning) comes close for the green colourway.

I bound off the first ‘Mrs Karat’ with the sewn bind off, probably some time back in early December. Recently I heard about Jeni’s Surprisingly Stretchy bind off through Cast-on podcast and a couple of bloggers. So I tried it on the second sock. The sewn/kitchener is on the right in this photo.

They don’t look that different when worn though and it will be interesting to see which wears best. The sewn bind off looks neater, but the other one is much easier to do and is as stretchy as promised.

I will try to get Mr M to model his pair in the next couple of days. For now you’ll have to make do with this photo. It’s much more of a denim blue in real life.

I’m still thinking about starting Clothilde but I also should try to get a couple of shawl/sock/scarf samples knitted up in my yarns for Wonderwool and Woolfest.

I also have a sock pattern that I’ve tried to chart out. I’m going to start a swatch in some leftover sock yarn this afternoon.



  1. Love the socks!

  2. That looks like a really intricate stitch pattern! They’re lovely!

  3. They look great (and complicated too!)

  4. Very impressive!

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