Posted by: Moggle | March 6, 2010

Knitting libertine

I’ve never really been one for project monogamy, but since finally finishing the New Lanark jumper, I’ve been project-hopping like mad.

In the end the sleeves on the blue jumper were too long, and I had to snip, unravel and shorten them by 3 inches which included re-knitting the ribbing. It is now with the recipient and he seems quite happy with it.

Since finishing and handing it over, I’ve been switching between my (non-) Puff-sleeved cardgan, the cable sock design I’ve been thinking about for ages, and swatching for new sock ideas.

The cable sock is going well. I re-charted a couple of existing 2-stitch wide cables in to one-stitch wide cables. The chart is huge and looks scary but so far seems to be working and I think the socks look good. I’m knitting them in my ‘Flinders’ merino/seacell base in ‘Blackwood’. I also intend to knit a second pair in some merino/seacell handspun I made a few months ago.

Cookie A’s book ‘Sock Innovation’ finally arrived at my local library. I requested it well before Christmas. I got really inspired by a particular cable featured in one pattern and couldn’t stop thinking/wondering about how it would look with some different texture/cable elements. So I started swatching in some leftover ‘Wellington Sock’ in ‘Stringybark’. The ideas for different combinations just kept coming so I kept swatching and I now have ideas for about 4 or 5 socks.

I’ve also been preparing for Wonderwool Wales. A nasty case of the flu has slowed me down a bit but I still maanged to get some dyeing done before it really hit me.



  1. Your drying rack looks a lot more exciting than mine! Hope Wonderwool is fun – too far for me to get to in a weekend sadly. I must get hold of a copy of Cookie’s new book too – I’d been put off by all he reports of errors in the patterns.

  2. Re. Blue jumper sleeve shortening…I have always thought knitting patterns should allow us to knit the sleeves upside down, starting at the shoulder. Would the stitches LOOK upside down? Sleeve length adjustments would be so easy!!

  3. Your sock designs look very interesting! Can’t wait to see them in full 🙂

  4. That dyeing rack looks amazing. Fantastic colors!

  5. Look at all that fibre, lovely!

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