Posted by: Moggle | May 11, 2010

Sock plans

Well my first week of being self-employed has gone OK. It has been harder than I thought to get myself in to a routine and actually start getting on with stuff. But I did manage to get some dyeing done and some listing too.

Mr M and I also moved and re-arranged my dyeing space in the kitchen so I have more dedicated space and there’s some shelving for my dyes.

I’ve also been working on two sock patterns. I have quite a few others planned out (at least another 8 so far). I can’t really show you the patterns yet, but have taken pictures of the foot to show how the yarn is knitting up.

This one is in my new ‘Braddon’ merino/nylon sock base, colourway ‘Honey Myrtle’. This one is going to be an all-over twisted cable pattern.

The second is in ‘Wellington’ Blue-Faced Leicester/Nylon sock blend, colourway ‘Bush Mint’. This sock is going to have a central cable panel with sections of stocking stitch at the sides to make a quick-knitting sock that looks more complicated than it actually is.

This colourway is one of my favourites at the moment – I love how it is knitting up. This pattern will almost certainly be self published so it will probably be the first one of these two to be published.

Now that Wonderwool is all done and dusted it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for Woolfest.



  1. Lovely colours – I’m really enjoying my current skein of Wellington sock yarn in Red Gum with which I’m knitting another pair of Monkey socks.

  2. Both look great! Good luck with getting in a routine 🙂

  3. Lovely colours. I missed your announcement, so have just caught up with your last post. Congratulations – hope it all works out well for you.

  4. I love the Honey Myrtle I’m knitting up for mr beest’s scarf; the colour variations are subtle but beautiful.

    Getting a routine going when there is nobody to boss you around can be tough- but eventually you’ll find something that works. It helps when you identify your most productive moments (that was two or three blocks of a few hours spread over the day in my case) and plan the day around it. Good luck with the new adventure!

  5. Love the colours!! Can’t wait to see the patterns, you always come up with such great ones!

  6. The yarns are looking lovely. I was admiring your fibre in the shop, might need to drag my money out soon!!

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