Posted by: Moggle | May 20, 2010

Ready for Fibreholics

These little beauties went in the post yesterday to be included the next Fibreholics box. They are (clockwise from top-left) Grey Shetland in ‘Bay of Fires’, Oatmeal BFL in ‘Caveside’, Zeehan yarn in ‘Redgum’ and ‘Braddon’ merino/nylon sock yarn in ‘Bush Mint’

This round has a theme of ‘Summer garden party’ or parties in general as the co-operative has now been running for one year. I’m seeing the red fibre and yarn as summer berries, the green as a lovely summer lawn, and the purple as cottage garden flowers.

I’ve been doing plenty of dyeing recently. Some alpaca/merino 4 ply.

And I’ve been dyeing all sorts of re-discovered gems (aka the last 100-200g of a batch or blend that got shoved in a box and forgotten about). Pictured below is some Superwash BFL/Seacell, UK Alpaca, Fawn Alpaca/Silk as well as some of my usual Oatmeal BFL.

I’ve also been playing about with hand painting with fibre reactive dyes. This is some seacell which I put in out in the sun this afternoon to try to get the temperature up.

These are different to the usual dyes I use so the colours aren’t quite the same. They don’t need to be heated like the acid dyes, but I read somewhere they take better when they get a little warm – a couple of sunny days should be just perfect. When I’ve dyed Seacell and other cellulose fibres before, a lot of the dye has run back out when I rinse, resulting in a pale colour, so I hope this works. I’ll post the results in a few days once I’ve rinsed and dried.



  1. I love those random bags ! I’ve been having a good sort out too and have has quite a few ‘oooh, I’d forgotten about that moments ‘ 🙂

  2. I will be interested to see the results of the dyeing. I am going to try dyeing myself this summer, I have always been a bit scared of it though!

  3. Do you have any way of knowing when you dye the yarn if it will stripe, be random or pool? The colours are lovely (as usual!)

  4. *ogles all the pretty, pretty yarns/fibres*

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